Weekly Reads: 3/16/2020
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Weekly Reads: 3/16/2020

Society: There is Plenty of Food In the Country – click here 
Americans, especially those in certain parts of the country, have been shocked to see grocery store shelves empty.  This has made some believe that the country is short on food.  In reality, this couldn’t be further from the truth.


Interest Rates: The Fed Cut Rates to Zero, Now What? – click here 
In an attempt to get in front of the economy slowing, if it already hasn’t, the Federal Reserve cut rates to 0% on Sunday night.  This is a good step forward but without fiscal stimulus we see this attempt as weak.


Markets: Markets Rebound on Stimulus Promise – click here 
With the Treasury and Fed acting together market participants got some good news on Tuesday.  This caused markets to jump on the hopes that the government is going to step in with a comprehensive strategy.  


Life: CoronaVirus Stranding the Super Wealthy – click here 
While the CoronaVirus has impacted people of all walks of life.  The super wealthy have been hurt by their inability to move about the country in the way they are used to, by private jet.  


Life: Government to Send $2,000 to Each Adult – click here 
The President and his Republican allies are pushing a plan to send  $2,000 to certain American adults to help with the Corona Virus.  Whether this policy gets passed will be an interesting test of the current political climate.


Life: Jobless Rate to Hit 20%? – click here 
The Treasury Secretary recently made news as he stated the unemployment rate could hit 20% if the government doesn’t step in with some sort of aid.  While sensational there really is no way to know whether the statement is based in validity or fact.