WEEKLY READS: 3/16/2020
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WEEKLY READS: 3/16/2020

Economy: Not a Recession, But An Ice Age – click here 
The pace with which the economy has sucumbed to the COVID-19 pandemic has been nothing short of spectacular.  This article says that this is more than a recession and that we should be preparing for an “ice age.”


Economy: An Investment in Survival – click here 
Fed member James Bullard a key member at the Federal Reserve says the the decline in the market, and economy, should be viewed more as an investment in survival not simply a recession.  For investors a reminder, while painful, that diversification and a well thought out plan is important.  


Politics: Stimulus Measurs Find a Bid of Support – click here 
After a weekend and days of bickering over what type of stimulus to provide the economy there appears to be some encouraging signs that our elected officals can do what is right and put forward a bipartisian package to support the economy.


Economy: Trump Looking to Open Economy After Lockdown – click here 
Despite resistance from medical experts, President Trump is seriously considering reopening the economy after this initial 15 day shutdown passes.  The balancing act between protecting those most vulnerable and economci loss is a difficult equation to solve.


Unemployment: Massive Amount of People Filed For Unemployment – click here 
In the last week a massive number of people have filed for unemployment benefits.  This should come as little suprise as many people were laid off and/or temporarily unable to work. However the number that have requested benefits have caused delays in checks.