Weekly Reads: 04/20/20
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Weekly Reads: 04/20/20

COVID-19: Most Americans Support Shelter In Place – click here 
There has been a recent uptick in the number of people protesting the shelter in place orders.  However, while these people are vocal polls suggest that there are more people who are in favor of the saftey measures than those against.  In fact by quite a large majority.


COVID-19: Companies Working to Test Employees – click here 
One of the great traits of the American people and economy is its/their ability to take a difficult situation and make it good.  There are many companies around the country that are working to improve the health safety of their workers and help advance the fight against the virus.  


Business: It’s Time to Build – click here 
Andreesseen Horowitz is one of the premier venture capital firms in the Silicon Valley.  They recently wrote a piece outlining the importance of the American people to get back to “building” things.  This take is interesting as they outline the ways in which certain foreign governments are encouraging the development of the future while American businesses and communities slowly fall behind.  


Employment: 52 Million Americans Worried About Losing Their Job – click here 
With the slowdown in the government’s ability to get funds to small businesses to keep workforces active there has been a surge in unease amongst workers.  These delays are causing more than 52 million Americans to fear about their jobs and consquently their future.  


Politics: European Leaders Brace for Tense Summit – click here 
European leaders are prepared to meet to discuss how to restart their collective economies once it is safe to do so.  The problem, as it was during the financial crisis, is the stark differences in the health of the underlying economies.  What is acceptable to the industrial North is not to the tourism based South and vice versa.  A showdown should be coming.  


Politics: COVID-19 Won’t Cause a Euro Debt Crisis, But a North-South Divide – click here 
Politico does a nice job outlining the true perils that face the Eurozone.  Specifically, the widening divide between the health of the North and the South.  Much like wealth distribution in the U.S. this divide is set to dominate many political discussions going forward.  There seems to be little doubt that a day of reckoning is coming.