Weekly Reads: 4/27/20
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Weekly Reads: 4/27/20

COVID-19: Distilleries Turning Stale Beer Into Whiskey and Hand Sanitizer – click here 
The innovation and creativity of Americans never ceases to amaze.  Taking old products such as beer, distilleries are finding ways to use the spoiled product to make something new! 


Fixed Income: Conrona Virus Hitting Muni Bonds, Why It Matters – click here 
One of the “safe-haven” investments for many is that of muni bonds.  While these have held up relatively well during this extraordinary times the reality is that at some point even they will be subject to pressure.  This article explains how and why it is important.


COVID-19: World Health Organization Urges Caution as Some States Reopen – click here 
There has been a great deal of debate as to when it is safe to reopen countries, states and towns.  The reality is that there is great divergence globally about where these areas are in battling the novel Corona Virus.  As they begin to open WHO is urging caution.


COVID-19: Corona Virus Relief Payments Often Larger Than Normal Work Payments – click here 
In one of the more unusual items that has come up from COVID-19 the payments from the government to replace lost wages are in some cases larger than what individuals were making while working.  While this may not be a major issue during the pandemic it poses serious problems down the road.


Media: Trolls World Tour Charts New Path for Movie Delivery – click here 
The original Trolls movie was a hit in the theaters and the sequel presented a great deal of anticipation.  However, the movies success via being delivered straight to consumers presents a data point for other companies to consider in the future.  


Investing: Companies Suspending Dividends at Fastest Pace In Years – click here 
In times of stress it is prudent for a household or company to cut back on spending.  While it may not seem like it public companies cutting or suspending dividend payments is a method of doing so.  It can be painful for investors but helps improve the long-term viability of the company (at least thats the idea!).


Real Estate: Bill Comes Due for Airbnb Hosts Who Borrowed Heavily – click here 
As is typically the case those who borrow heavily against anything have a day of reckoning.  In the case of Airbnb hosts who borrowed against revenue to build mini-empires of rentals that bill is coming due now.