Weekly Reads: 2/4/2020
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Weekly Reads: 2/4/2020

COVID-19: As States Stay Open, Many Stay Home Keeping Recovery Elusive – click here 
As states begin to reopen their economies the hope is that their residents return to the “normal” that we had prior to COVID-19.  The reality is many of these early states are seeing residents that hesitant to return to normal  This indicates a recovery may take time.


Enviornment: Will the “Murder Hornet” Destroy the Recovering Honey Bee Population in the U.S.? – click here 
For the last several years the honey bee population in the U.S. has been under pressure with little answer as to why.  Now, a new enemy may be approaching and one that could pose an even larger threat to humans alike, the Asian Murder Hornet.  


Politics: China Faces Potential Global Backlash from Corona Virus Outbreak – click here 
There are already bits and pieces of news coming out that the rest of the world is frustrated with the Chinese Government’s handling of the COVID-19 outbreak.  By adding these frustrations to the economic battles that are ongoing over trade this article outlines why and how China needs to be prepared for more external pressure.  


COVID-19: California Is First State to Borrow From Federal Government to Pay Unemployment Benefits – click here 
With unemployment surpassing levels seen during the Great Depression it is no wonder that states are in a tight financial situation.  As a result some have had to borrow from the Federal government in order to continue paying benefits.  California, given its size, is a significant first state to do so.


COVID-19: States Reopening Despite Not Meeting Federal Guidelines – click here 
Many states are moving ahead with reopening despite not meeting the Federal government’s stated guidelines.  President Trump continues to repeat that they are not mandates but guidelines in an effort to distance himself in the event things turn negative again.  The reality is he views it all as an act of theater designed to keep the population engaged.  


COVID-19: China Disputes Claims Virus Came from Lab – click here 
Noise that the novel Corona Virus came from a lab in China are growing.  However, the Chinese continue to dismiss the reports and insist that they had nothing to do with “creating” the virus.  


COVID-19: Will Customers Return Once Stores Reopened? – click here 
As more states reopen there will be a heavy amount of interest on how consumers respond in the days following.  If Texas is any example it seems like there will be an abundance of caution amongst most of the population, despite what politcal leaders insist/claim.