Weekly Reads: 5/11/2020
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Weekly Reads: 5/11/2020

COVID-19: Unemployment Claims Remain High – click here 
In what is becoming normal, the unemployment claims remain elevated during the pandemic.  While we are hearing signals of reopening the data suggests many people are still losing employment.


COVID-19: Fatal Errors Made in New York – click here 
It is difficult to  crtitizeanyone in their handling of the pandemic as so little was/is known about the virus.  This article by the WSJ looks at mistakes that were made in New York in sending recovering patients to nursing homes.  Hindsight is always 20/20.


Retail: Virus Finishes What Amazon Started – click here 
Retail businesses have had a difficult time since the rise of the internet.  This article looks at, and likely acurately outlines, how the pandemic is likely to provide the killer blow to many retail businesses.  


Business: Elon Musk Repoens Plant Despite State Order – click here 
The auto/tech leader has reopened the Fremont plant despite orders not to do so by the State.  Recode looks at the reasons why he violated the order and the impacts on a broader level.


Politics: Trump Has Better Chance of Winning Than You May Expect – click here 
Forecasting anything, let alone politics, is a difficult job.  This article examines President Trump’s odds of winning a second term and the results may surprise you.