Weekly Reads: 5/18/20
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Weekly Reads: 5/18/20

COVID-19: Amazon Wants To Innovate Out of Pandemic – click here 
In what should come as a very small surprise, Amazon is hoping to innovate its way out of the global pandemic that is COVID-19.  For a company that has had many misses but more than their fair share of home runs it would be wise to bet agains them.


Retail  Old Line Retail Is Innovating But At a Cost – click here 
The saying goes that is you aren’t evolving you are dying.  In the case of retail businesses that has never seemed more true.  As this article outlines even the companies that are doing a good job of this are succeeding at a cost.  


Travel: The New Normal for Airline Travel – click here 
The COVID-19 pandemic has touched just about every aspect of life around the world.  Perhaps one industry that is facing more uncertainty than anyother is airline travel.  This article by the WSJ looks at what the future of air travel may look like.  


Economy: The Fed Saw Great Economic Uncertainty – click here 
In a discussion about why they operated so quickly when facing the pandemic the Federal Reserve said that they saw significant uncertainty in the economy.  This article dives deeper into their thinking and their eventual responses.


Election: Will This Be A Blue Wave Election Year? – click here 
With everything going on it is hard to imagine a Presidential election later this year, yet that is the reality.  The great forecasting site FiveThirtyEight took a stab at looking at whether or not things are leading up to a “blue wave.”


Employment: Fed Beleives Unemployment Could Be Double Digits By End of Year – click here 
Despite states reopening there remains much to be seen as to whether or not businesses will rehire individuals let go.  As a result the Fed recently announced, or at least one board member, that they believe unemployment could be double digits through the end of the year.