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Work: As Work From Home Becomes Common, Fewer Want to Return – click here 
You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to know that the changes caused by the pandemic are going to have an impact in the future.  One area that appears to be changed forever is the way that people work.  It seems fewer and fewer people are going to be bound to a desk at an office in the future, either by choice or policy.


Personal Finance: Credit and Debit Card Fraud on the Rise – click here 
During times of stress households finances are challenged.  This typically results in a spike in crime and other related acts.  This is increasingly true of credit card fraud as more and more people look for a quick way to make a buck and get by.


Markets: Stock Market and Consumer Sentiment Survey Are Telling Different Stories – click here 
After a dramatic fall to start the spring time the stock market has come roaring back.  Yet the strong market has occured despite weak sentiment amongst those surveyed in the prominent consumer sentiment survey.  So what gives?


Fixed Income: The Bond Market Thinks It Knows What Is Coming Next – click here 
Smart investors typically tell you to watch the bond market as its direction will be an indication of how market returns will play out.  If that is the case these bond investors are trying to signal something to the rest of the investing universe.  


Technology: Tesla Model Y Long-Range Test Drive, First Review – click here 
The long-range Tesla Model Y is getting ready to hit the market.  In this first review the author takes a look at the new model and its features and whether it shapes up to be a feasible option for many families.