Weekly Reads: 6/1/2020
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Weekly Reads: 6/1/2020

George Floyd: Protesters Expand Beyond Large Cities – click here 
The public outcry over the killing of George Floyd escalated over the weekend.  As more and more Americans protest the demonstrations are spreading to less populated areas around the country and overseas.  


Politics: June 2nd Looms Large in Election – click here 
Lost in some of the outcries over George Floyd is the fact that June 2nd represents a significant date in the evolution of the upcoming Presidential election with many states voting.  


Economy: Are Jobs Returning After States Reopen? – click here 
FiveThirtyEight took to examining how communities are responding to the reopening of businesses in their local areas.  Specifically, they focused on how businesses are handling rehiring and bringing jobs back online.  


Business: Emails Give Insight Into Elon Musk’s Battle With California – click here 
Elon Musk has long been a controversial and emotional figure.  His fight to keep his Tesla factory open in Fremont during the Shelter-In-Place order became, like most things Tesla, national headlines.  This article looks at some of the back and forth between him and county officials. 


Markets: A Push and Pull Between Bears and Bulls Is Muddling Risk Measures – click here 
Investors are always looking for signs of which way the market is headed.  A problem arises however when there is little centrist activity and a great deal of activity on the poles.  This skews information and makes deciphering the future a difficult proposition.  


Employment: Unemployment Figures Change Dramatically Based on Which Metric Used – click here 
The unemployment figures have been widely watched by both investors and the general public.  The problem with the numbers is the calculations vary widely depending on which survey you review.  Because of this understanding, the differences in how the numbers are calculated becomes key! 


Education: Many Kids Came Home From School Early, Some May Not Go Back – click here 
For those of us with children, the early termination of the typical school day came as a shock.  Now with an uncertain future heading into the fall it seems likely that many of the students who were sent home early won’t return to a normal school day, if at all.


Personal Finance: During Pandemic Payday Lenders Pray On Those In Need – click here 
As far as financial products go there are some that are good, many that are so-so and a few that are downright dangerous and nefarious.  Payday loans fit into this category.  This article by the WSJ outlines how these companies prey on those in need.