Weekly Reads: 6/8/20
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Weekly Reads: 6/8/20

Personal Finance: Pandemic Boosts U.S. Savings Rate – click here 
The pandemic has been difficult for a variety of reasons.  However, one of the major benefits appears that many Americans have boosted their savings rate to historic levels.  While this is not likely to continue, perhaps for some this period of saving will advance their financial goals.  


Economy: U.S. Recession Began in February – click here 
Recessions always begin before many of us realize it.  This particular case is no different as the economy began contracting well before the actual shelter-in-place orders were issued.


Economy: Beating Pandemic Is Key Says Fed – click here 
In what should come as no surprise, the Fed has said that beating the pandemic is key to getting back to “normal” economic activity.  While this isn’t rocket science only time will tell if that unfolds.


Election: Two VP Candidates for Challenger Biden – click here 
As the election gets closer more and more attention will be placed on who Joe Biden chooses as his running mate.  While there are several options, Politico looks at two lesser-known names that may be contenders.  


News: Newsrooms Undergoing Change – click here 
Change is always around us, it just exists in different places more prominently.  Newsrooms have been evolving since the rise of the internet.  Now, however, with a younger generation rising up the traditional newsrooms are being transformed at a much more rapid rate.  


COVID-19: Did Virus Spread in August in China? – click here 
We still have yet to learn all we can about the COVID-19 virus and its originations.  Recently a research project at Harvard found evidence that the virus began spreading in China in August 2019, well before most believed the virus took hold.