Weekly Reads: 6/15/2020
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Weekly Reads: 6/15/2020

Tech: Justice Department to Remove Immunity for Tech Giants – click here 
The online social media platforms have long had a sense of freedom to operate the way they saw fit do to protections provided to them during the start of the internet.  Now the Trump administration is zeroing in and attempting to remove some of these protections.


Lifestyle: Why Do I Live Here? More and More are Moving – click here 
For decades workers have flocked to major metropolitan areas because that was where the best jobs were.  This has resulted in cramped living and an expensive lifestyle.  With the pandemic, more and more people are considering a more permanent move given the feasibility of remote work.


COVID-19: China Reimposes Lockdowns Due to Spike in Cases in Beijing – click here 
In a concerning twist, the Chinese government has locked down Beijing by raising the threat level to the second-highest level.  This means no flights in or out and imposing stricter distancing measures due to a spike in COVID cases.


Education: College Towns Fear Being Left as Ghost Towns – click here 
For generations, many rising college seniors found the appeal of attending college in a “college town” was an attractive prospect.  Now, these same schools are fearful that fewer and fewer students will seek out their schools given the pandemic.  


COVID: An Important Fact to Remember, COVID-19 Was Never “Under Control” in America – click here 
It is becoming increasingly clear, whether by policy or by social demand, that communities around the country are opening up again.  However, as the author points out, the reality is that the pandemic never was (nor is it) under control.  


Personal Health: Has COVID Taken Us Back to Snacking and Poor Eating Habits? – click here 
One of the major themes in the developed world was a move toward eating fresher foods as opposed to the prepackaged goods that became so dominant during past generations.  However, with so many working from home it seems that the snacking culture has helped revert many back to these mass-produced goods.