Best Articles of the Week: 6/22/2020
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Best Articles of the Week: 6/22/2020

COVID: Quad Cities Differences an Example of the U.S. – click here 
The Quad Cities area in the midwest is providing a stark example for the confusion the virus is causing regarding reopenings.  Separated by just a bridge these areas are treating the process differently creating confusion for residents.  


Education: Colleges Spending Money to Prepare for a Potential Return – click here 
Anyone with kids knows that the pandemic has upended the education system.  Colleges are in an especially tough spot given their high cost and the increased preference for pursing jobs that do not require going into debt.  While they prepare for the future enrollment in the fall is uncertain.


Personal Finance: Bankruptcy Adding to Financial Stress – click here 
Despite the novel programs by the Federal government to keep households funded a great number of people have filed for unemployment.  As a surge in cases seems likely more and more of these individuals are likely going to have to file for bankruptcy having profound impacts throughout the economy.


Personal Finance: What to Do With Your Airline Credit Cards? – click here 
Credit card perks are often cited as one of the major reasons to use debt.  While we disagree with this the prevalence of airline mile cards makes it important to rethink what to do with these cards in a world with less travel.  


Personal Finance: Americans Will Soon Need Money Saved  – click here 
Saving has never been a common event in the United States.  Yet the pandemic has forced many to save more than they have in the past.  With a second wave seemingly increasingly likely it is sound logic to think that many Americans will indeed need the savings they were forced to build up.


Investing: The End of the 60/40 Portfolio  – click here 
With the removal of sports gambling due to the pandemic more and more young people are getting their fix day trading in the stock market.  Legendary investor Burton Malkiel believes that this temptation is here to stay and perhaps will kill the 60/40 portfolio that has served so many so well.