Best Articles of the Week: 6/29/20
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Best Articles of the Week: 6/29/20

Investing: Markets Cratered and Investors Carried On – click here 
An important reminder for investors is that sometimes the best thing to do is simply carry on.  In the case of the COVID crash the general public was reminded that investors are very good, more often than not, than doing just that,


Employment: A Crash Cliff for the Unemployed is Coming – click here 
For those that have been laid off during the COVID pandemic the month of July looms large.  With unemployment benefits coming to an end and deferment programs coming due there is a cliff many may not be able to get over.  


Investing: Wall Street Faces Danger After Best Quarter – click here 
After the best quarter since 1998 many investors are riding high.  However, there are warning signs that many investors would be wise to acknowledge.  


Technology: Ramifications of the Facebook Ad Boycot – click here 
Many large companies are pushing Facebook to change its policies regarding ads.  While that obviously has an impact on the mega-cap company the reality is there are many trickle-down impacts that are important to understand as well.


Unemployment: Error In Calculation Shows Lower Number – click here 
In a sobering reminder of how bad things are for many Americans this article looks at how a simple miscalculation may have hidden the fact that even more may be unemployed,