Best Articles of the WEek: 7/6/2020
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Best Articles of the WEek: 7/6/2020

Economy: States Faced With Uncertain Future – click here 
The one-two punch of the pandemic and protests have put many states in a deep financial hole.  As a result without a pickup in economic recovery, budgets for items ranging from police to education are likely to be cut going forward.  This means more unemployed Americans.


Pandemic: Large Countries Facing Difficult Path Combatting Virus – click here 
As the virus hits more and more countries worldwide one trend that is emerging is the fact that large countries face a much more difficult task in combatting the disease.  Due to high-density and diverse populations, these countries do not have the resources to battle the virus on multiple fronts like their smaller more homogenous peers.  


Investing: Reopening Trade Fizzling Out? – click here 
One of the major reasons for the market rally is the so-called “reopening trade.”  This was built on investors flocking to companies that would benefit the most with the economy reopening.  With stalled reopenings, it is a good reminder that sometimes the heard can be right long-term but wrong in the short-term.


Technology: Facebook Audit Reveals Flaws and Success – click here 
A recent review by outside lawyers of Facebook’s civil rights policies on free-speech was released this week.  While the lawyers were complimentary of some items they did cite an inability to monitor divisive content toward particular groups.  


Business: Brooks Brothers Files for Bankruptcy – click here 
Hurt by the switch to casual Friday, or a casual week, the iconic American clothier is filing for bankruptcy.  While there still remains a place for the clothes they offer the reality is in many parts of the country the formal work attire has long been replaced.


Real Estate: The Office of the Future Will Have More Fresh Air – click here 
Fresh air, not recycled air, is one of the best ways to combat disease.  In a world of pandemic real estate companies are realizing that in order to succeed in the “new normal” they will have to take measures to protect the air quality in their buildings.