Best Articles of the Week: 7/13/2020
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Best Articles of the Week: 7/13/2020

Digital Currency: Bank of England Considering Creation – click here 
In what would be a surprise first move the Bank of England is considering making a digital currency.  Whether this was a result of their break from the Eurozone or a project focused on the long-term the outcome will be interesting to watch.


Government: Blank Check Boom Continues – click here 
One of the interesting outcomes of the blank checks the government has issued due to the pandemic is the availability of capital.  Yet, many companies going public are pursuing different paths.


Investing: Tesla and the S&P 500 – click here 
As Tesla approaches posting a 4th consecutive quarter of profits the company may join the S&P 500.  While this isn’t guaranteed this article looks at what factors the index may consider when deciding their inclusion.  


Fed:  Fed’s Brainard Sees Substantial Risks – click here 
As it is described by the Fed there are thick clouds of fog right now that are obscuring the future.  As a result, at least one board member sees substantial risks to the economy in its current form,