Best Articles of the week: 7/27/2020
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Best Articles of the week: 7/27/2020

Economy: U.S. Economy Contracts at Record Pace – click here 
The most recent data from the last quarter is in, and it set a record.  The U.S. economy contracted at a record pace and millions of people remain unemployed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.


Outlook: Fed Outlook Turns Gloomy – click here 
For anyone following the news it is evident that the COVID-19 virus is here to stay, at least for a little while.  While everyone is hopeful that things will improve the Federal Reserve seems to think things won’t be getting better soon.


Business: Does COVID Spread Via HVAC? – click here 
COVID has impacted all of our lives and businesses in different ways.  While much is unknown the reality is businesses are stil trying to adjust to a new normal.  This is true for those businesses that service buildings with many occupants.  


Retail: McDonald’s Sales Fall, As Restaurants Reopen – click here 
Restaurants in many parts of the country began to reopen during the last quarter.  Yet, for McDonald’s the return of customers wasn’t so smooth.


Fed: FOMC Leaves Rates Low, Will Do What It Can – click here 
The Fed vowed to use all of its tools to help combat COVID.  This is part of their focus on providing clear reassurance to the market and investors.