Financial Planning
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Financial Planning | A Long-Term Focus

Traditional financial planning centers around the development and creation of an in depth plan at the beginning of a new relationship.  For many this document collects dust without being reviewed and updated to reflect expanding complexities and the circumstances of your life.  We believe that the planning process should be different.

While we believe that a well built plan incorporates a client’s complete picture by taking into consideration their unique goals, concerns, and unique circumstances we also believe that it doesn’t end there.  The process should be continuous and dynamic.  This allows the plan, or parts of it, to be reviewed as often as necessary.

Our clients come from a broad range of backgrounds, and include successful professionals, corporate executives, business owners, entrepreneurs, individuals, and families.   This diversity brings unique challenges at the various stages of life.  For some a review of a plan provides reassurance they are on the right track.  While for others it identifies new areas for improvement or analysis.

Whether you are working and building your portfolio, in retirement or overseeing a complex multigenerational asset base, Boltwood Capital Management can assist in solving the questions you may have. We take pride in the fact that professional working to develop your plan also oversees your investment portfolio.  We believe that this helps ensure that your assets are being appropriately deployed to achieving your goals.


Preparing for the future can mean many things for different people.  Our team has experience helping think through these various challenges.

Some of the major issues we help our clients navigate through are:

Retirement Planning

If you are working and building your wealth, we’ll help you consider how much you will need to support your lifestyle after you retire and the tools available to help you get there.

Income Planning

If you are retired, we’ll work with you to understand how much spending your portfolio can support over the long term and advise you on the investment approach that is most likely to meet your goals.

Multi-Generational Planning

Boltwood Capital is proud of the fact that many of our clients have two or three generations of family wealth under our management. If you are looking to put money into trust for your children or grandchildren or help fund their education, transfer assets to the next generation or otherwise coordinate multigenerational wealth management, we’ll work closely with you to make sure that this complex planning process is managed seamlessly.

Asset Allocation

After discussing your goals for your various portfolios, we’ll recommend an asset allocation that will best support your plans. Importantly, we’ll discuss the implications of various asset allocations so that you fully understand the basis for our recommendations.


Our clients rely on us for a variety of financial advice. When we do not have expertise in the specific topic, we make it our job to locate the right person to help.

The Complete Picture

The foundation of our approach to planning is a fundamental belief that we must first understand the full picture of those we are working with.  Understanding your unique goals, concerns and desires is crucial to building a plan that not only achieves these goals but is one with which clients can stick to.

We encourage you to read more about our ground up approach to financial planning.

More Facts

We believe in taking a ground-up approach to planning.   We have synthesized this process into the chart to the right.

At the most foundational level we work with clients to make sure they are spending within their means, taking appropriate steps to reducing debt loads and putting money away for retirement.  By foregoing these key items in favor of ones higher up it has been our experience that most plans do not work out in the long-run.

After these basic goals are met we work with clients to identify if they have aspirations (and the means) to begin transferring wealth to the next generation, donating to charity and pursuing entrepreneurial pursuits.

Our Process

We base our 6-step financial planning process on the Financial Planning Practice Standards as established by the Certified Financial Planner (CFP®) Board.  This is a dynamic process that is designed to be ongoing and to quickly identify changes to our clients circumstances and how they impact their financial goals.

Because our clients build their plans with the same team that oversees their investments changes to circumstances can rapidly be analyzed.  This allows our investment strategies to reflect these changes and best align with your current needs, goals and concerns.

After defining our initial relationship with a client we follow the process outlined below in a clockwise direction: