Investment Philosophy
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We believe taking a long-term perspective and investing for a FULL investment cycle provides an investment advantage.

We believe that investors are best served focusing on the long-term and sticking to a well defined and replicable investment process.  Rather than trying to predict short-term market movements we work to build portfolios that consist of a diversified mix of investments spread across multiple classes.

The following core beliefs form the foundation of our investment management approach:

Diverse View with a Long-Term Perspective
As long-term investors we focus, first and foremost, on positioning the portfolio to succeed over the course of a full investment cycle.  We are firm believers in Modern Portfolio Theory and the belief that combining different asset classes together has a significant impact on portfolio performance.  With this mindset we construct an asset allocation that best meets our clients’ particular circumstances.  Key variables that we examine are inflation expectations, geopolitical events, corporate health and interest rates.  By taking this approach we believe we can avoid the catastrophic loss that fundamentally changes futures.

Disciplined & Replicable Approach
We believe that over time staying true to our approach and maintaining investment discipline produces a superior result.  We combine third-party investment research with a detailed quantitative equity model developed by our investment committee.   Our equity model considers twenty-five unique metrics focusing on valuation, fundamentals and market sentiment to identify attractive opportunities.  From there our team builds  portfolios tailored to fit our clients’ needs.  Like our clients, each of our portfolios is unique.

Tax & Cost Efficient Investing
Over the long-term costs can have a large impact on portfolio returns.  We believe that employing tax efficient investing is a necessity in today’s complex tax environment.  As long-term investors we seek to minimize the total cost on our clients’ portfolios by selecting low-cost investments, proactively harvesting losses and holding investments for years, not months.  We also consider the placement of these investments in order to minimize costs incurred by the portfolio.

Calculated Risk Taking with Asset Diversification
Risk is not an inherent evil – all investment returns are driven by their level of risk.  While our diversified portfolios are unable to eliminate systemic risk inherent in the markets there are other more specific risks that can be reduced via diversification.  We believe that through diversified portfolios and detailed analysis it is possible to identify circumstances where the risk-reward trade-off is skewed in favor of the investor.  These investments are those that we seek to identify and believe they provide not only long-term returns but limit the risk of permanent loss of capital in the portfolio.

We encourage you to learn more about our approach to PORTFOLIO CONSTRUCTION & SECURITY SELECTION