Our Promise
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We believe that operating our business with the following core values allows us to best serve our clients.

INTEGRITY: As an independent firm we strive to treat our clients how we want to be treated – with accountability and responsibility at all times.  Regardless of the impact on our firm we promise to place the interests of our clients’ above ours.

OUTSTANDING CLIENT SERVICE: We demand of ourselves that we have a complete understanding of our clients’ needs, desires, unique circumstances and concerns.

DISCIPLINE: Our investment approach is based on an analytical approach that demands thoughtfulness.  While we have core investment philosophies we also recognize that client circumstances and investing climates change forcing us to identify new insights and ways of helping our clients’ reach their goals.  In our view complacency and stubbornness are ingredients for a poor outcome.

CANDOR: We believe that through open, clear and honest communication, both with ourselves and clients, we are best able to service our stakeholders.  We promise to always tell our clients the truth, whether or not it is good for the firm or difficult for a client to hear.

KNOWLEDGE: One of the wonderful things about our profession is there is always more to learn.  Investment techniques, planning issues and circumstances are constantly changing. We promise to continually improve our knowledge while educating and sharing this information with our clients.


The financial advisor landscape includes many different types of operators.  This collection of service providers includes stock brokers, registered investment advisors (like BCM), wealth managers, financial planners and countless other types of financial professionals.  All of these providers serve different roles and have different levels of responsibilities to their client.

Although many advisors use different terminology, in general advisors come in some version of the following:

  • Investment Managers: Manage assets according to a particular strategy in a pooled portfolio on behalf of their clients.  They have no obligation to make sure the investments they are making are in the best interest for their clients.
  • Asset Allocators: These managers outsource investment advice via mutual funds or other investment avenues.  More time is spent on vetting managers than on which investments to make.
  • Registered Investment Advisors (RIAs):  Independent managers manage separate accounts on behalf of each client they serve.  These advisors have a legal obligation to act in the best interests of their clients.  RIA’s are not compensated for transactions but rather the objective advice they provide their clients.

As Chet Boltwood correctly identified decades ago there is a significant difference between the obligation of a Registered Investment Advisor and a broker or other managers.  These non-fiduciary advisors are salespeople and like all salespeople they are paid to pitch (and ultimately) sell a product or service.  They have no legal obligation to offer objective advice or act in the best interest of their client.

Here at Boltwood Capital Management we are proud to be a fiduciary investment manager.  We believe that by aligning our interest with yours creates a superior long-term experience for all parties involved.