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Find Financial Freedom

We serve as fiduciaries, providing financial planning and investment management services to individuals and families.
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Helping Build Better Futures Since 1986
For over 30 years, BCM has remained committed to the belief that a firm free of restrictions is best equipped to identify and solve our clients’ unique financial goals.

Financial Planning

We tackle the issues unique to your family’s circumstances.

Investment Management

We construct portfolios focused on the long-term, with an emphasis on steady performance throughout the investment cycle.

Historically Aware, Forward Looking

History helps frame our view of the world.  As investors, we believe understanding the past helps us understand where markets may be headed in the future.

Helping Families For Over 30 Years

We do not focus on institutional asset management and prefer to work with those focused on building, preserving and transferring their hard earned wealth.

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A Unique Path

All of our lives are different.  As a result, the path toward “financial success” varies for everyone.  We work from a “bottom-up” framework to systematically identify the best financial path forward for our clients’ specific goals and aspirations.


We believe that our collection of talent is one of the items that sets our firm apart.   Our advisors work hand-in-hand with our clients serving as a trusted advisor and friend.
Michael J. Stock, CFA

Michael J. Stock, CFA

President, Shareholder

Zachary R. Wolf, CFP

Zachary R. Wolf, CFP