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Rioters Seconds Away from Law Makers
The WSJ examines just how close some of the rioters were to coming into direct contact with lawmakers last week.  Yet another example of how perilous the situation really was.

Vaccine Rollout: A Chance for Drugstores to Show Their New Face
If you have been in a drug store in the last several years it is likely they seem different.  The companies have undergone dramatic transformations and the rollout of the COVID vaccine(s) should provide them an opportunity to show how much they have changed.

Faces of those Arrested After Capitol Riot
In no surprise law enforcement is beginning to track down those that participated in the riots.  The NYT takes a look at some of the people who have been identified.

Justice Department Outlines Progress Made in Riot
In a pretty stunning press conference, the Justice Department outlined the progress they have made in tracking down those involved in the riots.  With over 170 cases being investigated and more to come the broad reach across the country is staggering.