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Investors Search for the Next Tesla
With the company’s popularity and the outrageous stock performance, it is no surprise that investors are looking for the next Tesla.  Some think they have found it in Rivian.

Yellen to Make Workers Her Priority
With so many areas to tackle, Janet Yellen recently stated that her priority as the head of the Treasury Department will be workers.  This is probably a good thing given the bifurcated economy we currently have.

Lawmakers Who Supported Contesting Election are Being Cut Off
While the election debate is far from behind us it seems that some individuals, who control funding, are pushing back against those who voted to challenge it.  

Biden Will Lead an Older and Less Financially Stable Country
A lot has changed in the four short years that Biden has not served in the nations capital.  Yet so much has changed that he enters his Presidency with a country that is older and less financially secure than when he served as Vice President.