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Trump Agrees to Orderly Transfer of Power
After the shocking events of the week, there was great fear that President Trump would continue to resist transferring power.  Hopefully, he stays true to his word.

World Leaders React to U.S. Chaos
One of the great constants about the U.S. has been its guiding role for Democracy around the world.  Will the events in D.C. change the world’s perception of U.S. leadership?

Millions Calling in Sick, Impacting Economy
One of the more subtle impacts of COVID-19 is the way it has influenced workers behavior.  Whether out of fear of the disease or taking advantage of the situation millions are calling in sick which impacts the economy down the line.

Fact Check: Claims from Trump at Georiga Rally
In what has become obvious during his time as President, Mr. Trump will say just about anything whenever he wants.  This article by CNN looks at his statements at the Georgia rally for accuracy.