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Understanding the New iPhone Lineup
Apple made news this week with the long anticipated announcement of their iPhone 12.  With so many options to choose from it can become a bit overwhelming.  This article looks at the various options and helps make sense of things.

Harvard and Index Funds: Learn from the Best
Passive vs. active investing has become the next civil war for many investors.  This article looks at Harvard’s endowment and their experience in trying to beat the market.

Data Shows How Many Americans Have Moved During COVID
Here in California, it seems there seems to be a constant stream of folks moving out of the state.  However,is this true everywhere?  New data shows just how many Americans are moving.

High End Homes Creating a Bigger Wealth Gap
The price of high-end homes has been sky rocketing this year.  With so many people looking for places to move the housing market has been on fire.  Unfortunately, this has only widened the wealth gap.

Investors Prepare for Higher Treasury Yields
With a Democratic sweep becoming the expected outcome in the next election many are preparing for higher treasury yields.  This due to the fact that many expect borrowing to increase to fund programs, in turn pushing up supply.