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SPACS, Here to Stay
With a frothy stock market, it is no surprise that many companies are going public.  However, SPACs are a new method to do so that seems likely to stick around.

Older Americans Selling Stocks to Younger Ones
In what seems normal, older Americans are selling stocks consistently to a younger generation.  While this makes sense from a generational perspective over time it has profound impacts on the wealth distribution across the country.

Justice Department To Challenge Google Search Practices
In a long awaited announcement the Federal Justice Department is going to challenge Google’s search policies.  This fight has the potential to shape how a host of other large tech companies are viewed/treated going forward.  

Asian Countries Return to Normal as West Struggles with COVID
Human nature and expectations are amazing things.  Countries with more experience with viruses like COVID have largely returned to normal as residents have accepted masks and other restrictions.  In the West, not so much.

China Can Teach the U.S. A Thing Or Two
The Chinese economy, for all its criticisms, has recovered quite well from the pandemic.  This article looks at what lessons the U.S. can take from this situation and others.