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Investment Managers Avoid Treasuries Ahead of Election
For many treasuries are a safe haven.  However, at times there can be hidden risks inside seemingly safe assets.  For this reason, some investment managers are avoiding these securities ahead of the election.

Tech CEOs Prepare Joint Statement on Legal Protections
One of the central areas that the government is considering regulating online tech giants is removing their immunity.  This would be a major shift and one that could transform their businesses.  As a result, several major CEOs are speaking out.

Cases Rising in 36 States
The return of COVID seems to be alive and well.  With the beginning of colder weather, there appears to be a resurging level of cases across the country.  This presents a new situation where hospitals may once again become overwhelmed with the number of patients under their care.

States Face Biggest Cash Crunch Since Depression
A less discussed impact of the pandemic is its impact on state budgets.  The reality is that states are facing lower tax revenues (income and sales) and as a result are being forced to cut services and staff.  These ramifications are likely to have impacts for years to come.