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IBM CEO Says to Hire Based on Other Factors
Schools and education have long been one of the key ingredients when getting a job.  This may be true still, but some CEOs are looking for other ways to identify talent.

Trump Returns But Not Out of the Woods
President Trump has done a good job of creating an air of invincibility around him, at least in his own mind.  Yet, his bout with the Corona Virus will play out regardless of what he says or believes.  

How COVID-19 Transformed the Retail Environment
Retail as it has been executed for the last several decades was already facing a reality check.  However, the COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated changes in the business models of these companies/landlords.  

The Real Cost of Stock Splits
The splitting of shares is one of the market activities that draws the most attention to a given company. This article by MarketWatch looks at what Warren Buffett understands that many others don’t.