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Biden, McConnell Face Stiff Test
One of the unique features of President-elect Biden is his time in government.  The strong relationships with allies and adversaries alike may help him forge deals going forward.

Everything You Need to Know About Pfizer Vaccine
The first good news regarding the efficacy of a potential COVID-19 vaccine came this week with Pfizer’s annoucement.  While great news there are still lots of unknowns on how things will play out.  Learn more here.

Market Rotation, Will Continue According to Some
The rotation out of high-growth tech names into those more geared toward an economic recovery took hold this week.  If Stanley Druckenmiller is to be believed this rotation will continue for sometime.  

Zuckerberg Sells Shares
For all of 2020, Mark Zuckerberg has refrained from selling any shares of Facebook.  Now he has sold several billion dollars of shares in the last few days.  Why?

Stock surge produces 5 Centibillionaires
There is no question that the recent stock market surge post-election has been positive for many investors.  However, for a select few it has pushed their wealth to unfathomable levels.

COVID Surges As Weather Gets Colder
For months experts and doctors alike have worried that colder weather would create a spike in cases.  Now that it is here that seems to be indeed true.