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Cases Surge, But Where Are People Contracting COVID?
One of the great mysteries after multiple months of the pandemic is just where people are contracting the disease.  Simple mask-wearing helps, but just exactly how is it moving from person to person?

Predatory Tactics by Southwest Airlines?
Most Americans hate flying, but it is a way of life, and are used to frustrating business practices.  In this case, Southwest is challenging rivals and pushing in on their own turf. 

Shelton Block, A Blow to Trump
In what he was hoping would be one of his lasting moves as President the blockage of Judy Shelton’s nomination to the Supreme Court is an equal long-lasting legacy.

The Mother of All Return Seasons
With COVID firmly entrenched many Americans have bought a host of large furniture items and appliances via the mail.  Now, the post-holiday shopping season is likely to be full of large returns.