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Lessons from Europe’s COVID Surge
It is always helpful to learn from other’s mistakes.  In a season of increased travel and gathering the impacts from COVID should be fully understood.  Europe provides an example of what can happen.

Cramer Calls Market Speculative
While known for his brash nature and larger than life personality Jim Cramer does carry alot of influence over the average investor.  So when he speaks it is likely that some will listen.

Trump’s Firewall Crumbles, Biden Unveils Administration
Trump’s refusal to acknowledge the transition to a new government has left many frustrated.  However, now after giving access to Biden’s transition team we have a view of what his cabinet will look like.

Tesla’s Inclusion in S&P 500 Shows Why Indicies are Strange
The major stock market indices attract a lot of attention for good reason.  However, their construction can be opaque yet have profound impacts on how they perform.

Retailer’s Cut Back on Options
The pandemic has pulled forward a great deal of change in a quick period of time.  One of the changes for retailers is that they do not need to carry the breadth of offerings they once did.