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How COVID-19 Ravaged the Travel Industry
It is no secret that we are all staying at home more than we ever have in the past.  As a result those businesses directly and indirectly tied to travel have suffered.  This article looks at what has happened recently to the impacts of 9/11.

The Good and Bad of Election Day
With election day having passed it is important to remember that life will go on, regardless of which side of the aisle you are on.  This article looks at what is working, and what isn’t, on this important date in history.

Average FICO Score at All-Time High
It may be counter-intuitive given the unemployment rate.  However, for many Americans, their FICO scores have never been higher!  Why?

Mall Shakeout Just Beginning
For real estate investors there has been great debate about the long-term viability of malls.  With the COVID pandemic fully set in it seems that a future without malls, or with fewer, has been pulled forward.  With that comes a day of reckoning for many investors.