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People Don’t Save Enough For Retirement But Want To
There has likely never been a person who hoped for an emergency.  So for many, it is strange that steps are not taken to be prepared.  The WSJ looks at some simple steps that can be taken to improve that situation.

Socially Responsible Investing Likely to Gain Steam Under Biden
ESG, or environmental, social, and governance, investing has become more and more common.  The pressure by the public on companies is likely to increase if Biden’s policies are put into place.

Americans Scale-Up Spending Plans for 2021
The wealth effect, at least for some, seems to be in full force going into 2021.  With markets at all-time highs and those out of work looking at better job prospects in 2021 it should come as little surprise that spending is expected to be up.

Musk and Other Billionaires Leaving CA for  TX
In what created a lot of headlines, Elon Musk announced he was moving to Texas.  While he is one of the most prominent he is not alone as many business leaders have fled California for other locales.  

Nearly 8 Million Americans Have Dropped into Poverty
In yet another example of the impact of the pandemic, the Washington Post shows how millions of Americans have fallen into poverty.

The Problems with Testing for Flights
Pretty much anyone that enjoys travel is anxious for things to return to normal.  Yet, some are traveling despite the pandemic.  This article looks at the issues airlines face with testing.