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How the U.S. Misread Chinese President Xi Jinping
The Chinese President Xi Jinping was expected to be an ally of the U.S. and more accommodative than previous Presidents, how wrong that turned out to be.  This article takes an inside look at his background and how the U.S. miscalculated his role.

No Vaccine, No Public Transit in France
As the world begins to enter a phase of recovery with a vaccine some countries are taking strong stances.  Specifically, France is proposing that anti-vaxxers be excluded from public transit.

10 Years in Jail for Illegal Streaming
The Corona Virus relief bill that was recently proposed, passed and awaiting the President’s signature has language in it that some freeloaders may not appreciate.  Specifically, that illegal streamers be subject to a jail term of 10 years!

USPS Struggles to Keep Up
In what is becoming an increasingly common headline the USPS is struggling to keep up with the flood of holiday packages.  The Washington Post looks at why and some of the major problems within the public organization.