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Move Over Millennials, Boomers Pushing Rally
For much of the pandemic millennials have gotten alot of attention as drivers of the stock market rally.  However, Barron’s looks at how their parents are having even a larger impact in this recent push up.

Drone’s Have Redefined Future Wars
Since the invasion of Iraq to remove Saddam Hussein the military has used drones.  This article looks at how they are reshaping fighting as we know it.

COVID Disbelief Challenges Health Care Workers
Those on the front line of the pandemic have long been stressing the severity.  Yet, those who have sworn to serve are being challenged by those who seemingly ignore the facts.

Manhattan Office Rentals Are Highest Since 2003
Those looking for office space in Manhattan haven’t seen as many options since 2003.  As the pandemic has set more and more space has become avaliable.  Will it last?

Work At Home Employees Watch Two Hours More TV
One of the great questions about work from home is whether or not employees are as efficient.  In this article, at least one person thinks that a significant amount of employees watch more TV.

The Pandemic’s Impact on Airline Cards
For so many Americans “points,” especially those from airlines, are gold.  We have never been huge fans of them, yet the pandemic is bringing more and more people around to our train of thought.