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Microsoft Delays Halo Launch, In Order to Win Console Wars
The mega-hit Halo was and will be the centerpiece of Microsoft's launch of its new gaming console.  Yet, their decision to delay the launch until 2021 is likely to be a boom for the company long-term.

Steps to Avoid When Investing On Your Own
COVID has created a great deal more interest in investing for many people stuck at home.  While that is great, there are certain things new investors should know and even more so, avoid doing.

Jinping Reinventing State Capitalism
The Chinese way of doing business has always confused Westerners.  Yet, in the midst of their major trade partners directing criticism toward them, the Chinese are changing what state capitalism looks like.

The Ultimate Guide to Working From Home
With working from home becoming more and more common more Americans are looking for ways to maximize their time at home.  This is one guide in how to do just that.

Why Kamala Harris Matters to Me
The appointment of Mrs. Harris sent a powerful message of inclusion to many.  This article by the NYT looks at why the appointment was so powerful for some.

Why A Corona Virus Was Inevitable, But Nobody Was Ready
COVID-19 has impacted the entire globe in a variety of ways.  Unfortunately, there were some who saw the pandemic coming yet did not have the influence to impact the globe's preparedness.