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Amazon Get Rich Scheme, That Cost Sellers Thousands
For all the good that the internet, and Amazon has done for consumers and access to goods it should come as little surprise that some are taking advantage.  Dynasty Toys is a case and point example of this.

Ant Group Files to Go Public
The financial arm of Jack Ma’s business empire is preparing to go public.  The dominant financial service provider in China, it will be interesting to see if its listing in the U.S. becomes political given the tensions between the two countries.

TiKTok Challenge U.S. Ban
It seems that there is little question that the U.S. government’s focus on TikTok is partly a result of the political strife between the two countries.  Well  TikTok is now fighting back.

Lenders Asking New Questions on Loan Applications
COVID-19 seems to constantly produce new and unusual outcomes in our society.  The most recent being the request by many lenders to have borrowers state that they will not, at initially, be requesting forbearance.  

Exxon Replaced in the Dow with Salesforce
In what is being called a “sign of the times” the large energy company is being replaced in the Dow after 92 years.  This shift represents yet another sign of the dominance of technology.

New Jersey Governor Proposes Tax on Millionaires
In an effort to combat a bleak budget outlook and the COVID-19 pandemic the governor of New Jersey has proposed a tax on mostly millionaires.  The idea being to help those more in need during this dramatic time.  

California Wants Another Millionaire Tax, Now Isn’t the Time
California’s finances are very dependent on state-income tax on millionaires.  The top 1% in taxes paid represent over half of the state’s income from taxes.  Raising this amount further could drive more and more of these critical people out of the state.