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Billionare Gives Away Everything, Has Nothing Left and is Happy
Everyone who has travelled is familiar with duty free shops.  The companies founder has given away $8B during his lifetime and now only has $2M left.  An icon in the world of giving who did so in secret.  

Scathing Report Finds Problems with FAA and Boeing
The long-awaited report by the committee overseeing the transportation industry has been made public.  It is critical of both Boeing and its regulator, the FAA, in the crashes some 18-months ago.

With New Wave of Outbreak, Europe Adapts to Disease
Most European countries responded to the initial outbreak of COVID-19 with strict lock-down measures.  Now with a new wave of infections among young people zone is responding differently.

Coal, Despite Promises from Trump, Is Going Away
For the first-time ever, the U.S. used more renewable energy than coal.  This is despite Trump’s claims that he would revitalize the domestic industry.  The lesson, only so much can be legislated in the face of changing business economics.  

Wall Street Is Paying Attention to Reddit?
With the rise of COVID there are more and more at home traders.  Now big banks and investment houses are scouring the reddit news feeds for what these “mom and pop” investors are doing.