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Is It Crazy to Start A Business During A Pandemic? Many Don’t Think So
Everyone responds to stress and unease differently.  Some feel overwhelmed while others embrace the moment.  Millions of Americans are taking the opportunity presented during the pandemic to start new businesses.

Christmas Shopping to Look Different
The uneven recovery across the various demographics of Americans is poised to make this year’s Christmas shopping unique.  The reality is that some will move ahead with their spending undisturbed while others will have to scale back.

6 Things to Look for In First Debate
The first Presidential debate is sure to be full of excitement.  This article examines six things to pay attention to during the event.

Robinhood Investors vs. Pros
The return of the small investor is one of the things that has made the pandemic period so interesting for markets.  This article looks at how/why small investors are outperforming some of the pros.