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Tesla Shares Crater
Perhaps the saying, what goes up must come down, is accurate for Tesla (at least for the moment).  The shares fell dramatically this week during the broader market sell-off.

African Nations Ripped Off by Wall Street?
Headlines about Wall Street bankers taking advantage of investors and companies have been around forever.  This article looks at the relationship between developing African nations and those holding the purse strings.

Apple Doubles Down
The large tech company is being watched closely as they battle with Epic Games over their app store practices.  After being sued by Epic they are fighting back with their own attack.

Citibank Appoints First Female CEO
Diversity, in all types, has become much more important to the world and investors.  In a sign that things are improving, albeit slowly, Citi announced the appointment of their first-ever female CEO.

How Biden’s Tax Plan Impacts Families
The difference in how taxes are viewed by the two Presidential candidates is well known.  This article looks at how the tax landscape may be different under a Biden administration.